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We would like to thank our Clients for allowing us to broadcast their references.

Discretion is our highest aim! Therefore, Testimonials are published anonymously.

For the day and night care of my 95 year old friend Syz Home & Office GmbH came up with a convincing proposal. Due to the gathering of a very skilled team of professionals the wish of my friend was granted, to spend the rest of her life at home without having to return to the retirement home.

The different ladies who took great care of my friend were well provided with profound knowledge in household and caretaking. Thanks to the farseeing attendance of Mrs. Syz and the well prepared documentations (operation schedule and daily ledger) the whole enterprise was a full success.

I would like to thank Mrs. and Mr. Syz for their helpful support and their ability to listen to my requests and then to transform them to a maximum outcome to the benefit of my dear friend.

Private Secretary/Friend

Six years ago we were forced to set up a entire new system of caretaking for my mother. At that stage Syz Home and Office GmbH was recommended to me by a friend. Due to the thoughtful approach of Iris Syz and her great skill to deal with complex situations and difficult personalities as well to adapt to the needs of elderly people, it was possible to set up a carefully selected team at a relatively short notice.

In the last six years there have been a few changes in the team who take care of my in the meantime 80 year old mother. But our main caretaker who has assisted my mother from the first day on is still going strong. My mother cannot imagine daily life anymore without her.

Her professional skills and her happiness are a great support to my mother and provide for me as her daughter a new quality of life.

To us children she has become a real friend. She is humorous, loving and giving to our mother, providing her with all she needs, while we children are not always there to give it ourselves.

The consulting by Syz Home & Office took place on a very high level and offered fare more then I first expected.

I am very thankful to have met Iris Syz and was able to work together with her agency.

Daughter and working Mother

Two years ago we had to take a decision. Remain in our own home or to move into a retirement home.

If we would find a person who could run our household the way we were just to it, we would choose to stay in our spacious house. We are both far over eighty and all our children live now in their own homes.

One of our acquaintances was convinced that Syz Home & Office would be able to help us. First of all Mrs. And Mr. Syz came to visit us in our own home. From the beginning on working together was pleasant. After our meeting Mrs. And Mr. Syz drew up a requirement profile containing all our wishes and needs concerning our surroundings. They summarized every little detail in print far better than we would have done.

A few weeks later we had four different candidates at our choice and after three months a new housekeeper took over our Household supported by our long-serving maid.

The new solution has satisfied us completely. Our Housekeeper works independently, clean and goal orientated. She does the shopping, cooks our food, all our cloths and all that is necessary in a big household. We enjoy it that we are able again to receive guests at our house for lunch or dinner.

It is important for our well-being that we found an employee with a warm and caring personality who can adapt to our changing needs and has a sense for our daily moods. When she is at work there is always a good atmosphere in the house by respecting our private life.

Thanks to her giving nature all our guests estimate her.

We would like to thank Mrs. And Mr. Syz for their trustworthy consulting and their first class recruitment.

Husband and Wife, Bankersfamily

Although every day routine and doing the household by themselves became more and more trying to my parents-in-law they still wanted to remain in their own house. So therefore we contacted Syz Home & Office and asked them to offer us a solution in this matter.

In a personal interview with Mrs. Syz we were able to analyse the different personalities of my parents-in-law and their special needs and requests. Having analysed our situation Mrs. Syz was able to recruit just the right housekeeper for my parents-in-law. They cannot imagine everyday life anymore without her. She has turned out to be uncomplicated, loving and caring and is always available for us during hard times.

Mrs. Syz was of big help to us due to her great knowledge, long-year experience and her big heart for elderly people. We were extremely lucky that Mrs. Syz was able to find the right person who fits in to our family so neat. Therefore we thank Syz Home & Office for their excellent job and a big hug to Mrs. Syz.

Daughter-in-law and working mother