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We would like to thank all our Candidates for allowing us to broadcast their references.

Discretion is our highest aim! Therefore, Testimonials are published anonymously.

During my time of unemployment I got lucky by meeting Mrs. Syz who coached me professionally and always had an open ear for my needs.

I like her open way and human approach towards my person, but also her thoroughness and guidance witch she gave me during the process of finding me a job. To my big surprise I became the assistant to the director of a Bally-School.

I was very lucky to work together with Syz Home & Office GmbH for several years. For me this time has been a great experience in my professional career. It was an enlargement of my knowledge. I was employed in private households as a mail caretaker and was able to experience how household and caretaking can function hand in hand. From the beginning on I was coached by Mrs and Mr. Syz and at any time had always a knowledgeable partner to speak to.

Mrs. and Mr. Syz were always able to provide the right operation schedule for any expected or unexpected situation that gave me the necessary security and structure to do the requested job in the most effective way. By adjusting the schedules together the needs of the employers were always meet at the best possible solution that abled us to obtain a high quality over a long period of caretaking. We were able to give the client a privacy and a security in caretaking which cannot be secured in a retirement home.

Having served in different mandates as senior caretaker on interim commitment I got to know the professionality and knowledge, but also to estimate the personnel engagement of Mrs. And Mr. Syz. With much love for the details and technical accuracy they support and accompany their recruited candidates. People are not only recruited – human beings are brought together.

Due to the fact that the agency was also present after the signing of the job-contract made communication at the first day of work easier and gave the employees a certain security. Not to forget personnel coaching during the working-in phase at the beginning of the job. Having lots of experience in this field Mrs. and Mr. Syz were our contact persons always with an open ear for their candidates.

Since November 2003 I work in a lovely household on the lake of Zurich. To obtain this job Iris and Alexander Syz were very helpful by briefing me several times before the interview with employer to bee. A team had to be built up for household, caretaking and later on for the family office witch was only possible with the professional support of the agency so that the team was able to work hand in hand.

As during my employment the requests on the job grew I was offered to complete my education as Caretaker SRK (Swiss Red Cross).This possibility gave me the chance to develop myself not only on the job but also personally.

Working together with Syz Home & Office made my life interesting and happier. I would therefore like to recommend Iris and Alexander Syz to anyone who needs their help.


As a caretaker in a retirement home I was recruited in 2010 by the agency Syz Home & Office to my current employer. Private care was new to me and therefore also a new challenge. Therefore I had to be well coached by the Agency before I started my new job. During probation unit I gained an overall view of my new working-field and I was given time to think about the requirements that were made to me and if I was skilled a nought to fulfil them. The goal of the agency was to find a long-lasting solution that would satisfy both sides.

I was much impressed the short time it took to adjust the necessary care and the requirements of the client to the situation at his home. A 24-hour care-team was set up. The assignments were arranged according to the client’s wishes.

The agency was always in contact with the different parties and was able to inform the care-team if adjustments had to be made immediately. At this point the long-year experience and professionalism of the agency was of advantage. There are clear structures and processes and communication between the parties remains always discrete.
My colleague and I were employed directly by the client while the agency provided the job-contracts and to care of the resource scheduling. After the set-up the agency retreated but stayed in the background for emergency reasons.

Due to the professional caretaking my employer has recovered fast and has gained most of his independence back. Thanks to the coaching by Mrs. Syz the change from retirement homes to private caretaking was easy for me and so fare I have never regretted this step.

Syz Home & Office GmbH guarantees by their discrete, far-seeing and professional working- manner that the needs of the client are met by the skills of the candidate in caretaking and household. Through their precise job-description I learned what was important for the job to be and what was certainly not demanded. To begin with no name was mentioned.

What I most appreciate is the discretion of Mrs. And Mr. Syz and the coaching that continues even after the contract has been signed. Their professionalism and humanity are always supportive for me and my clients. It is the human being that is the centre of happening and occurring problems are taken care of by goal-orientated solutions and even the subject of dyeing at home in an dignityful surrounding is organized.

I am very thankful to Mrs. And Mr. Syz for this experience and I appreciate the constructive and honest teamwork with then for the past years.

In 2006 I was recruited as team leader by Syz Home & Office GmbH with the aim to build up a caretaking team for a demanding client. During the build-up and the developing phase the communication between me and Iris Syz and her husband was professional, of high knowledge and always inspiring. Mrs. and Mr. Syz had an answer to every question and together we solved arising problems.

Because most of the problems were already known to them, the solutions were easy to find. Since years now the agency Syz Home & Office has supported me with their profound knowledge from the background to maintain a continuing service for the client. I can only warmly recommend the consulting of Mrs. and Mr. Syz in these matters.

Coming from the Netherlands and looking for work as a Housekeeper Couple with experience we contacted “Syz Home & Office GmbH”. Although at the time there were no jobs vacant Mrs. And Mr. Syz to great care in coaching us and showing us the different possibilities we would have in Switzerland.

And after a few months a suitable position as Housekeeper Couple was found. In the beginning it was not easy to find the right job because not only our skills were important but also the chemistry between us and our new employer-to-be had to match.

Due to the professional approach of Mrs. And Mr. Syz we felt well guided in this matter.

Many thanks for their help.

The way Syz Home & Office recruit human resources is very convincing to me. As gateway Iris and Alexander Syz connect the clients and candidates in a professional manner. I appreciate the well re-searched job descriptions, the high standard of discreetness and the far-seeing conducting until the signing of the contract. Striking to me was that they had a sense for my ability as the right candidate at the right place. My skills and wishes were respected and soon a few suitable jobs were provided.

Over the years I have been able to work in many long-term and short-term engagement all offered by the agency. If anything unforeseen happens like illness or an accident I can always contact Syz Home & Office. This gives me the security I need to do a good job with my clients.

My personal experience with Syz Home & Office GmbH in Au is a very good one. My first job I got was taking care of a retired doctor. I was in charge of his household and accompanied him to all his meetings. For many years I was able to look after him until he took the decision to go and live in a retirement home.

My second job, were I work since 2009, I like very much. My job description has the title house manager, to say I am in charge of all the matters that turn up in a big household. Both the parents work and there are two adolescent children and a dog to look after.

During the recruiting process the agency Syz Home & Office did all the consulting between the employee and the employer to be following strict guidelines so that a good start-off was guaranteed. If there were any unforeseen situations or misunderstandings the agency was always willing to support me by giving me good advice or a helping hand to obtain the maximum comfort for the family to serve.

Therefore this agency can be recommended to anyone who is looking for a job in this field of employment.

Because I had no knowledge of the Swiss working-market I sent all my papers to Syz Home & Office. Soon after my application I was contacted by Mrs. Syz. Having had a personal interview I was convinced that I had addressed the right partner for my goal. Mrs. and Mr. Syz were very professional, knowledgeable and very direct speaking.

At this place I would like to thank Mrs. and Mr. Syz for their personal engagement which brought me and my employer together. As a foreigner in Switzerland I found a partner who was able to answer all my questions at full satisfaction. I can therefor recommend Mrs. and Mr. Syz without any doubt to everyone who needs consulting in the field of caretaking and household. Many thanks for your help.

Last year I gained quite a lot of experience in interviews by looking for a new job which would challenge me. A content client of the agency had organized an ad hoc interview with Mrs. Syz which turned out to be very inspiring. In a good atmosphere she was able to ask the right questions and double them if necessary. When I left her office I knew for which job I was looking for.

Not long after Mrs. Syz contacted me and provided me with a job-offer that not only meet my skills but even was the job I always wanted to have. Mrs. Syz does not only possess the gift to analyse the personality of peoples but also to find the equal personality in an employer that will match which is so important in the field of recruitment.

Because my qualifications were convincing and the chemistry between me and my new employer to be were right from the start I have found my dream job.

At this place I would like to thank Mrs. Syz for her coaching which made the job contract final.